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Sodium percarbonate

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Sodium percarbonate (or sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate) is an additional compound of sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide. Appearance is no odor-free white flowing granular.

Sodium percarbonate is made of soda ash and Hydrogen peroxide. It is also called solid Hydrogen peroxide. It has a good function of bleaching, disinfecting, sterilizing. It is easy to store and use. Wilde use in washing bleaching, detergent powder for clothes, kitchen, bathroom, Carpet stains. Better performance than chlorine bleach. Brightens colors. It is environment friendly.

Compare to sodium percarbonate with hydrogen peroxide or chlorine bleaching, sodium percarbonate has many advantages.SPC is granular, it is easy to go down to the bottom of water, and release oxygen symmetrically, so it can be used as bleaching, cleaning agents and oxygenarating for aquaculture, and so on. while Hydrogen Peroxide is liquid, so it has not had this effect. Spc has better long-term shelf stability than liquid hydrogen peroxide products Brightens fabrics Color-safe and fabric-safe. It brightens colors Continual use will not cause yellowing or graying of cotton fabric Effective stain removal in a broad range of water temperatures. Prevents fabric from becoming yellowed or darkened Does not weaken the strength of fabrics like chlorine bleach.

Wuxi Wanli Chemical Co., Ltd founded in 1992, specialized in producing sodium percarbonate. We have good experience in controlling the active content, and stability. Our outputting is 20000mt per year. We can provide fast shipment, very competitive price and good quality. We export our material to Japan, south korea, Israel, USA, European countries, Middle east countries and so on, totally more than 30 countries.

If you have any requirements of sodium percarbonate, welcome your inquiry to us at any time. We would like to provide you with our good service.

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Sodium Carbonate Peroxyhydrate or Sodium Percarbonate



Handling and Storage recommendations:

The product should be stored in the dry and cooling place with good ventilation and should be avoiding hot and sunshine.



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